IT consulting and software development

We want to be straight with you – we don't have solutions for all your software needs. But we believe that, with our footing in IT consultancy and app development, we can dope them out together. Welcome to Face IT, a boutique of fresh ideas where tenacious go-getters never give up on putting their hearts into what they do.

What’s on our menu?

We take the liberty of suggesting you start with our core delicacies – consulting, business analysis, and product ownership under the Agile Methodology. To spice things up, feel free to give a chance to a carefully selected range of IT services, including development, QA, and DevOps. And if you are up for a brand-new software desert or refining the solution you already have, be aware that our tech-savvy chefs love to show off and demonstrate their skills in multiple programming languages.

Who do we exist for?

We are here for all those who feel that they could achieve more in their IT field if they had a dependable hand. Pursuing bigger dreams is just easier together, right?

Why Us?

Because we adore our job and pulling things off a little bit differently. There are, of course, other consultancies that bring decent knowledge and solid professional experience. But that extra attentiveness, thirst for co-creation, and the ability to quickly hit the right note in software development does not come for granted. We would love to get to know you and be given a chance.

Do you have project you would like to discuss?

Let’s make something big!